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Privacy Policy 

So on the 9th April my good pal, Mark, rang me up. He was nervous, full of anxiety about this data protection thingy-me-bob. "Relax!", I told him, "Unless you're one of the big uns, you're fine. I mean, are you: using face recognition software; sharing your clients data with 'business parties'; collecting financial information; age; address; gender; sexual preference; employment history; health history; race; political views; monitoring how long a 'user' views/reacts to a website page/slogan or what advertising they respond to et cetera

then what have you got to worry about about?

I haven't heard from Mark since, but I have been told that I have to comply with the latest data protection laws.

So, what data does Nick Logan keep?

Just your name and email address.

What's it used for?

To update you with Nick Logan's latest news - a newsletter, once a month.

Mmm, I'm not sure, and I don't trust the internet.

Then don't subscribe.

Pictured left, is Nick, on a Bank Holiday Weekend,

who's reading up on Data Protection Laws.

This may surprise you, but when Nick decided to set up a business teaching Oil Painting and Drawing,

his 'vision' did not include sitting at a computer (ever!)

on a Bank Holiday Weekend reading the latest data protection laws,

nor did it include making a side income selling your data,

which, as of 6th May, 2018, has probably already

been harvested

by businesses that were, and 

have been doing so for least a decade.


I don't believe one shoe fits all!

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