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Sometimes, life happens and lessons have to be rearranged. 

With this in mind, our cancellation policy has been written to ensure that students have a reasonable degree of flexibility and we are protected from miss-communications and missed opportunities.


A copy of this document will be sent to each student(s) whilst booking a lesson and an email confirmation that the policy has been read and agreed to will be required to complete the booking process.


Once a lesson has been booked, it will become the student(s) responsibility to remember the lesson date and time, to avoid late arrivals and missed lessons or the cancellation policy will be applied. 


If a private lesson is cancelled 48 hours in advance then there will be no charge incurred. However, if the student(s) have not let Nick or his team know that they can no longer attend that lesson the cost of the lesson will need to be paid in full. 


If a lesson is missed that lesson will need to be paid for in full before another lesson can be rescheduled. This is simply to avoid repeat missed lessons. The right to reschedule lessons remains at Nick's discretion and will be approached in a flexible and fair manner. 

Extenuating circumstances will be taken into account if a block of lessons need to be cancelled/rescheduled, however, notice of such cancellation must take place 48 hours in advance of the first allotted lesson slot. 


For any further details regarding this cancellation policy please contact myself or my team at and we will get back in touch as soon as possible.


Nick Logan.

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