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Q:  Can vouchers be used for any class? And how are they redeemed?

A:  Vouchers can be redeemed at any class.  

Q:  Do classes cater for different skills and abilities?

A:  Classes and private tuition cater for all skills and abilities. Nick aims to provide a friendly and relaxed atmosphere where everyone can enjoy learning at their own pace.

Q:  What do I need to bring?

A:  All materials are provided including easels / boards for those who wish to use them.

Q:  I have a disability – can I attend?

A:  If you feel that you may have a difficulty please contact Nick in advance and he will try to ensure that you can enjoy learning along with the other class members.  For those with limited mobility access to Shottery is possible via a lift. Attendees may choose to sit and there are a small number of tables that can be used.

Q:  Cancellations

Numbers in each class are limited so that everyone has space to work and good visibility of the model.  It is not possible to offer refunds for missed classes or an alternative class if a student cannot attend a session in all but exceptional circumstances. 

Q : Can I park nearby?

A;  Currently there is free parking at The Arden academy,

Egdbaston and Shottery venues.


You can pay by cash or cheque to Nick in person.

If you click on 'Book your place', an email is sent to Nick and Team, who will then send you Nick's bank details (to do a bank transfer) and address

(if you'd prefer to post a cheque).

If you already have Nick's bank details, then use the class code on the

2019 timetable with your initials in the payment reference.

E.g. Let us say Marshall Logan wants to pay for the Thursday Life Drawing Class (TSL) Spring/Summer Term (£150). He woulds send Nick £150 with the reference 'TSLML'.



Use the date of the workshop and your initials.

E.g. Let us say Susan Logan wants to pay for the Stuart Gregory workshop on the 18th May. She would send Nick £50 with the reference '18MaySL'.


If you have any queries, just email Nick and Team. 

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