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Strat Long/Short

Long and Short pose life drawing

I've been asked for longer poses in the life drawing classes and workshops in Stratford.


So, every other life workshop will be long pose(s) and every other life class will consist of one pose.

Andrew Tift

Really looking forward to Andrew's

exhibition at Walsall Art Gallery on the 24th May. He's been working on this show for a few years, all very HUSH HUSH.

Pam and I will be at the preview, so there will be no Thursday session (TAR) on the 24th May.  

West Midlands Realists Summer & Xmas Meetups in 2017.

With Kate Brinkworth, Pam Hawkes, Simon HennesseyOliver Jones

Nick Logan, Christian MarshSteven Shaw and Andrew Tift.

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