What people are saying...

'Since retiring I have taken up my longstanding passion for art. Attending drawing and painting workshops is one of the enjoyable ways I try to improve my art skills.

Although I think, I am a fairly competent artist, there's always something you can learn from others. I am very selective in the workshops I choose.

First and foremost, I choose great practicing artists. Unfortunately, great artists aren't always the best teachers.

Nick Logan is both a great artist and a great teacher. He is generous with his knowledge and experience and provides those 'Golden Nuggets' of advice that can immediately add value to your artistic practice.

His teaching style is open, enthusiastic, and engaging. As a result, of his demonstrations and individual feedback, the participants go away with a sound practical toolkit and the inspiration to build on their creative efforts. The best value workshop I've attended for a long time'.


Mike Bagshaw, Evesham.

"I really like the look of all this! It is encouraging to me to see perceptual visual skills being taught well. Great stuff!"

Barry Atherton - Artist, Drawing and Painting Tutor at The Glasgow School of Art


“As an English teacher myself, I know I'm a highly critical student but, having studied portraiture at the Prince’s School, Lara and Heatherleys, I am convinced that Nick Logan is one of the best teachers I have met. Nick’s credentials as an artist are clearly evident, but it is his ability to relate to all his students that sets him apart as a teacher.  From Nick’s painstaking preparation of his teaching rooms, scrupulous lighting of his subjects, to the way he is able to make the most complex material seem simple, distilling its essence, Nick’s approach is second to none. A natural communicator, he clearly cares about his students to the extent the he is always equipped with whatever painting equipment could possibly be needed! Perhaps it’s that he cares that most significantly accounts for the undoubted success of Nick’s classes.”


Linda Meek, Bromsgrove.

"I recently took a one day workshop with Nick at his studio in Solihull, together with my daughter.  He created a relaxed atmosphere and tailored the workshop to our individual needs, giving excellent tuition and support throughout the day.  His passion for painting and sharing his incredible depth of knowledge with us really shone through.  Not only is he a skilful artist, but he was able to break these skills down into achievable steps for the level that we were both working at.  We left the workshop with a great sense of achievement, and a wealth of advice and resources.  It was an exceptionally enjoyable day."

Pauline Astle - Head of Art, Arden Academy


"Nick's classes are great! He is professional, knowledgeable, committed and generous with his teaching. I have been to the 3 day and 1 day Life Drawing workshops and the beginners portrait and landscape courses and loved them all.  These classes are a real opportunity to learn and practice seriously and are hugely enjoyable."

Sylvia Young, Bromsgrove


"At last oil painting is starting to make sense, thanks to Nick's thoughtful, entusiastic and friendly teaching style. It feels like he is handing me the building blocks to progress to the next stage in my artistic development."

Julie Kay, Edgbaston

I have been a professional art model for 3 years now. I have modelled at a huge range of art classes during this time in a wide variety of environments. I have worked both as a portrait and life model, and I greatly enjoy my work in this area. I can genuinely say that modelling for Nick has been one of my favourite experiences during my 3 year career! 


As a life model particularly, my level of personal comfort during a session is very important to me. Elements such as; the providing of a separate changing area, giving me plenty of warning about timings of poses, and regulating room temperature are all very much standard practice for Nick, which is very much appreciated. On top of this, Nick is polite, professional, and in all honesty, a total joy to work with.


My other work (as a dancer) has recently limited my availability. It has meant that I have had to let go of most of my modelling jobs. But, I have happily chosen to keep working with Nick, where I can, exclusively, as I enjoy working with him so much. I believe this is true testament to the quality of his work.


I readily and emphatically recommend Nick Logan to any model considering working with him, and indeed any art student. Book him up, before you miss out!


Helen Victoria, Art Model